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Fleet compliance and safety management made easy for fleet controllers

Regardless of the number of vehicles in a fleet operation, fleet compliance is pivotal to the smooth running of a business and ensuring the safety of
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The Benefits of implementing fleet management

Companies that either operate or utilise large fleets have quickly realised that significant benefits can be derived from implementing intelligent fleet management within their business. Fleet
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Fleet Management trends 2017

Fleet management is a burgeoning industry that is constantly benefiting from new trends in technology as well as the growing desire and need of diverse industries
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Protect your car and get peace of mind

When owners of private vehicles don’t install Cartrack vehicle tracking system, the risk of their vehicle being stolen, damaged and never found is significantly high in
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Grow your business with fleet monitoring

Managing a large fleet can be a daunting task, especially when fleet managers take into account the variety of challenges that they face on a daily
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Track, monitor and protect rented vehicles

Tourism is one of the most important sectors in Botswana, contributing healthily to the country’s GDP and resulting in an influx of people from around the
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Bike Track

Unfortunately, motorbike theft is a definite possibility and reality. It is therefore essential that motorbike drivers employ a quality tracking system that will provide monitoring; Cartrack
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