The use of the website and blog presupposes the acceptance of this privacy agreement. Cartrack’s team reserves the right to change this agreement without prior notice.

Therefore, we recommend that you review our privacy policy regularly so that you are always up-to-date.

When do we collect information from users?

Cartrack collects information from users when they access the website and blog, when they subscribe to our newsletters and when they fill out the contact form.

What information do we collect?

Cartrack collects anonymous and personal information from users. The personal information we collect may include the name, email, activity sector, position and / or others, which will be voluntarily made available by users when they subscribe to our newsletters or fill out the contact form. All personal information of visitors, subscribers and customers using our sites will be treated in accordance with national legislation and managed with a guarantee of confidentiality.

Cartrack may also collect non-personal information about the equipment used by the user to access the website and, such as IP address, geolocation, unique equipment identifier, browser type, Browser or other information of this nature. We use this information in an aggregated way to analyze the accesses to the site and blog We never disclose data on the use of the site by an individual IP address.

How do we collect the information?

Cartrack uses cookies to improve the performance and browsing experience of users, who can refuse or delete these cookies through browser settings. By disabling cookies, some of our site services may stop working, which may affect site navigation.

Cookies are defined as small files that sites place on the hard drive of the user’s computer when the user visits them for the first time. Cookies let you know how often the user visits the pages, thereby revealing the type of information that interests that user. Cookies allow you to save preferences and usernames, register products and services, and customize pages. If the user has never registered, the server will only know that someone with the cookie of a certain user has returned to the site, not knowing any other information. To learn more about cookies, go to

Third-party cookies are cookies that may be the responsibility of organizations other than Cartrack. These cookies may originate from sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or other social networking services for which Cartrack has implemented plugins. Since the cookies policy of these sites changes over time, it is advisable for you to check the privacy policies by visiting their sites.

What is the information we collect?

All personal information collected about you will be used to help make your visit to the sites more productive and enjoyable.

The data collected is intended to: identify community / user members, identify community responsibility and comments, manage permissions for e-mail marketing communications, manage records and topics, preferences, authors and possible marketing actions.

The email address that users make available can be used to send information, respond to inquiries and / or to send other requests or questions.

Links to Third Party Sites

Cartrack has links to other sites that, from our point of view, may contain useful information or tools for our users. Our privacy policy is not applied to third-party websites, so if you visit another site from our website, you should read the privacy policy of this website. We are not responsible for the privacy policy or content present on those same sites.

Subscribe to newsletters and contact form

Cartrack allows you to subscribe online to your newsletters. If you do not want to receive the newsletter, just follow the instructions to “unsubscribe”, which are included at the end of each email. Cartrack also provides an online contact form that allows users to leave their data for further contact with Cartrack in order to present details about the products offered.

Our policy does not allow us to share, sell, trade or otherwise allow other entities to use users’ email addresses for commercial purposes without your permission.