Fleet management is a burgeoning industry that is constantly benefiting from new trends in technology as well as the growing desire and need of diverse industries to incorporate telematics into their business model.  These trends evolve over time, and 2017 has seen several new developments that is affecting fleet management in Botswana and around the globe.

Here are some of the key trends at the moment:

  • Fleet vehicles are becoming more connected, with the use of telematics and other vehicle-intelligent technologies resulting in the implementation of better data relating to vehicle use and diagnostics
  • Telematics and on-board connectivity is influencing predictive driver and vehicle analytics, thereby improving compliance and safety and reducing downtime and extraneous driving costs
  • There is a greater interest than ever before in alternative fuels, and with infrastructure improving, many countries are removing barriers and targeting the elimination of traditional fuels in vehicles by certain dates
  • Ride-sharing has become a popular way to minimise fleet costs
  • New vehicles are increasingly offering expanded semi-autonomous features, including auto-pilot and park-assist

As these trends continue to evolve, you can be certain that Cartrack will continue to adapt to new developments, and incorporate ground-breaking technology in it’s world-class offering. Contact us now to find out about how we can help you.