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Imagine a fleet management world with digitised admin, seamless task management and team collaboration, controlled fuel consumption, and effectively managed costs. It means a fleet business that not only saves time and money, but also has a competitive advantage, high customer satisfaction, and a good reputation. Stop imagining.

This is the real world of telematics ‒ let’s discover it.

Let’s talk about telematics, what is it exactly?

Telematics – two words, tele (derived from the Greek word telema meaning distant or far away) and matics (derived from the Greek word informatics meaning representation, processing, and communication of information). The combination ‘telematics’ can be explained as the process of sending, receiving and transferring information or data (from remote objects) over a distance by means of networks.

Telematics has been used for decades, initially in the automotive industry. However, we are seeing the popularity of telematics as a feature in fleet management whether inagriculture, construction, mining, or rental and leasing.

In the fleet and logistics industry, telematics is considered synonymous with fleet telematics or vehicle (GPS) tracking system used as a method of monitoring fleet cars, trucks, equipment and cargo by using:

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite technology: A network of more than 30 satellites circling Earth and deceiving devices used to determine an exact geographical location and provide information about the exact movements and subsequent movements of fleet vehicles or assets.
  • Wireless networks: Wi-Fi and other cellular networks (such as 4G LTE or 5G) that support communication between vehicles and other applications and services (such as cloud services) where data and information from vehicle GPS tracking devices are transferred (via internet or satellite data connectivity) and stored.
  • Internet browsers or mobile apps: Fleet management SaaS (Software as a Service) web-based and mobile-application tools used for viewing and analysing data from fleet vehicles with connected vehicle GPS tracking devices.
  • Sensor-based telematics: The incorporation of sensors (monitoring systems) with telematics connected to fleet management softwareto provide fleet managers with detailed insights into fleet operations. For example, temperature sensorscan be used in cold chain logistics to provide real-time temperature monitoring and send fleet managers alerts the moment any temperature fluctuations occur, allowing them to immediately check in with drivers to resolve issues or send a replacement trailer if necessary to prevent massive profit losses.

Clearly, telematics is a complex topic that may seem confusing at first, so let’s quickly take a look at how it works.

So, how does telematics work?

From GPS tracking devices, to collecting information and data, to storing and receiving, and all the satellites, technology and networks in between, telematics can be simplified into three functions:

  1. Capturing data based on vehicle location and movement through a GPS tracking device installed in a vehicle.
  2. Transferring the captured data via secure cellular networks.
  3. Visualising the vehicle data and information such as vehicle location, status (e.g. ignition on/off or idling time) and driver behaviour using a fleet management software platform (web-based or app).

So, how does telematics work to do this?

Let’s break it down into four parties; GPS tracking device, the vehicle, the server and you:

  1. GPS tracking device (telematics device) is installed onto vehicles and connects to the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics system or CAN-BUS port with a SIM card to provide the vehicle’s geographical position and movements.
  2. The vehicle information such as GPS positioning, vehicle speed, trip history, driver behaviour, fuel consumption, idling time, engine health and more is collected and sent to a server or cloud with the help of mobile data and cellular networks or satellite communication.
  3. The server receives, interprets, analyses, and stores the information.
  4. Finally, you can access the vehicle data and information in real time through a fleetmanagement software website or app and turn data into reports that can be used to gain business insights. As an example, if your question is, “Why is the business spending so much on fuel?” you could access fuel usage data to pinpoint fuel wastages (such as idling) or possible fuel fraud in your fleet.

Telematics companies in South Africa

According to the 5th Edition of Fleet Management in South Africa, the country has a relatively mature telematics market. The penetration rate in the total population of fleet vehicles used by businesses is estimated to increase from 41.5% in 2021 to 68% in 2026. With this, the number of fleet telematics actively used in the country is said to grow at a compound annual growth (CAGR) of 12.6% from 2.0 million units at the end of 2021 to 3.6 million by 2026.

Currently, South Africa’s fleet management market is dominated by five domestic players with broad telematics portfolios that together represent70% of the total number of fleet management systems in use in the country. The analyst ranks Cartrack as one of the largest providers of fleet management in the county. The company has over 1 750 000 active users (to date) around 23 global branches.

In South Africa, companies suffer from vehicle hijackings, low driver productivity rates, driver shortages and asset and cargo safety. Luckily, telematics (such as Cartrack telematics, with an over 90% stolen vehicle recovery rate) helps companies address these challenges.

The question now is which telematics to use.

Discover the best telematics in South Africa

Introducing Cartrack, an industry-leading global Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform and stolen vehicle recovery services for small, medium, and large organisations, as well as consumers. Our advanced IoT device combines GPS, GSM (Global System for Mobile communication), RF (radio frequency), and remote jamming detection technology to ensure the reliable connection of your vehicle’s tracking unit so it continually provides accurate geographic locations, real-time data, and insights. 

Thanks to our sophisticated telematics device, you can:

  • Boost fleet efficiency and productivity

    Cartrack’s telematics system provides real-time GPS vehicle tracking for your car or fleet, so you can identify the safest and most efficient routes to speed up deliveries, know exactly where your vehicles or drivers are, and the exact time spent on a site or location. This way, you can receive detailed information and insights into the vehicle’s idling status, fuel levels, engine diagnostics, specialised sensor readings, and more so you can improve fleet efficiency and productivity by correcting driver behaviour.
  • Monitor fuel costs and stop fuel theft

    With our fuel monitoring systems you can eradicate fuel theft, and decrease fuel costs. Cartrack’s telematics detects when the vehicle’s location, fuel data, and fuel card data are inconsistent by automatically reviewing whether your fuel transactions match your fuel receipts and the vehicle’s telemetry data. This is so you can instantly spot syphoning, fuel card fraud, cloning, and billing for multiple false transactions. Additionally, with Cartrack’s Delivery app, you can optimise routes helping you plan trips in the most efficient order from point A to B to C, not A to C then back to B- this way you improve fuel efficiency and spend less on fuel costs.
  • Forecast and plan vehicle maintenance

    Our fleet management platform automates maintenance schedules for each of your fleet vehicles by utilising vehicle telematics data such as mileage, and the hours and time of last service to ensure vehicles are maintained on time. This way, you have a strong maintenance and servicing routine, helping you prevent vehicle breakdowns, minimising major indirect and direct costs as your vehicles will remain healthier for longer, ensuring you get more out of them.
  • Easily monitor and locate trailers and assets

    Our telematics goes beyond fleet vehicles. With Cartrack’s GPS trailer-tracking technology you can ensure your trailers are always accounted for and never go missing by tracking your trailers’ exact live GPS location on one map and monitoring the whereabouts with full trip-history reports. You can also use our asset tracking technology to optimise your asset utilisation with real-time GPS so you know exactly where all your assets are located and receive live alerts the moment your equipment leaves an area without your permission.
  • Increase driver safety and cargo security

    Keep your drivers safe with driver scorecards that rate each driver on how safely they drive by monitoring high-risk behaviour such as speeding, harsh accelerating, cornering or braking, helping you know what areas to tackle in your coaching sessions. Additionally, monitor your cargo from dispatch to delivery with cargo door and temperature sensors and livestream the inside of your trailers with our smart-camera technology so you can prevent cargo loss or damage, keeping customers happy with freshly delivered and unscathed cargo.

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