Companies that either operate or utilise large fleets have quickly realised that significant benefits can be derived from implementing intelligent fleet management within their business. Fleet management refers to the management of a company’s vehicle fleet and includes functions such as   vehicle telematics, vehicle tracking, driver and fuel management, vehicle maintenance, safety management and vehicle tracking.

Here are some of the ways that fleet management benefits companies:

  • Companies are able to closely monitor the driving habits of their drivers and undertake appropriate remedial action. They are also able to collect critical information about the general status of their vehicles
  • Organisations can increase their efficiency and reduce their operational costs, owing to better fuel efficiency, improved routing and streamlined reports
  • Safety is improved thanks to the implementation of a fleet management system that provides checks and balances and encourages better safety habits
  • Productivity is optimised through the use of efficient time management software
  • Customer service and satisfaction is vastly improved thanks to more efficient and concise delivery times

Ultimately, any modern business that has fleet and/or transport needs simply has to implement fleet management if they are serious about optimising their development and deliverables.

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